About Us / LIVE Travelers

We're a virtual travel production team that uses livestreaming to bring travel adventures throughout Japan to the world.

Our goal is to introduce Japan's unique charms—including nature, culture, peoples, foods and traditions—through non-fiction livestreaming with folks deeply involved in each of these areas.

With the world in its current state, sometimes we have to stop and appreciate what we have around us. We want to travel with all of you to experience the thrill and inspiration of new adventures. Using the internet, we can transcend time and place to bring the world together.

Whether you're at home, on the subway, or relaxing at a cafe, we welcome you to join us on our travels. Come with us to see the beautiful scenery of Japan unfolding before you live, in real time. 



Introducing the members who create virtual tours with us.


LIVE Travelers Crew

A navigator who has lived in Japan for more than 14 years.
He coordinates everything from adventures to nightlife excursions for foreign tourists.
He will be providing guidance in English.
Despite living in Hokkaido, he isn’t very fond of cold places.



A cheerful girl who guides foreigners in Beppu City, Oita Prefecture for 4 years.
She would like to discovers and share the charm of Beppu with you all!
Please feel free to ask her anything about Beppu





After working as the director of the Otaru Museum, he is now a tourist guide who guides tourists to Japan, mainly in Hokkaido.
He will explore the charm of Otaru with us.