How to join the trip

How to join the trip🛫

  • Please apply for a ticket from the event page. Possible up until the day before the trip.
  • Gather on the "LIVE" page 10 minutes prior to departure.
  • Once it's time for departure, the trip will begin.
  • You can directly ask the tour guide questions through text comments during the trip.
  • Once the trip is over, a broadcasting a summary of the trip through this account is planned.
  • After the virtual travel experience has finished, please let us know what you think via a survey! 

Points to be aware of

  • Usable devices: PC / smartphones / tablets
  • Necessary connection environment: More than 1.5Mbs / 1.5Mbs (Upload/download)
  • Depending on the state of the connection at the destination, unexpected images, or unclear sound may occur
  • Reuse or distribution of this content is strictly prohibited.
  • Live streaming will begin 10 minutes before the departure of the virtual tour. Please confirm your local viewing conditions before departure.
  • If the stream doesn't begin even after the scheduled departure time comes, please try reloading the page.

With the world in its current state, sometimes we have to stop and appreciate what we have around us. We want to travel with all of you to experience the thrill and inspiration of new adventures. Using the internet, we can transcend time and place to bring the world together.
Whether you're at home, on the subway, or relaxing at a cafe, we welcome you to join us on our travels. Come with us to see the beautiful scenery of Japan unfolding before you live, in real time.