Eastern Hokkaido/Kayak adventure on Lake Abashiri

Eastern Hokkaido/Kayak adventure on Lake Abashiri

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Starts at 11:00 am on Tuesday, December 1st, Japan time 

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  • Kayaking on a lake which is soon closed to freezing with the arrival of winter.
  • Wildlife observation of the animals who are inhabited in small peninsula.
  • Try to find the world's largest white-tailed eagle and red-crowned crane if we are lucky enough!
  • Experience "drift ice" where frozen seawater flows and drifts.



A navigator who has lived in Japan for more than 14 years.
He coordinates everything from adventures to nightlife excursions for foreign tourists.
He will be providing guidance in English.
Despite living in Hokkaido, he isn’t very fond of cold places.
Tour Guide
Staffs of "Connectrip"(Mami Michiyama / Yoshie Isokawa / Shinya Yamane)
This tour is hosted by "Connectrip ". The staffs of "Connectrip " are known as "community-reactivating cooperator squad", who are planning the agricultural products, conducting activities to revitalize the region and introducing the attractiveness of Abashiri.
They will let you have unforgettable experience on Lake Abashiri this time!



Lake Abashiri is located in the eastern part of Hokkaido. The lake which is a resource-rich area, has a small peninsula inhabited by the world's largest white-tailed eagle.
Now the lake is soon closed to freezing with the arrival of winter.
There will be a good chance to see various animals which are preparing for winter.
This area is also well-known as drift ice-watching site in Japan, which has frozen seawater flows and drifts in the winter season.
In the second half of the trip, we will visit the "Okhotsk Ryu-hyo Museum" where you can experience "drift ice" and get to know various animals live in Abashiri.
Our tour guide, a staff of "Connectrip" who runs a tourist guide on the shore of Lake Abashiri will have this wonderful adventure with you!
On the other hand, our navigator, a cheerful French guide "B" who lives in Japan over 14 years and coordinates numerous of nightlife and adventurous journeys for overseas travelers, will guide you in English.
We are looking forward to seeing you in the tour!!



Lake Abashiri was a part of a sea and became a lake about 10,000 years ago due to changes in sea level and drifting sand.
This area is famous for aquaculture, which is boasted as the largest amount of clams and whitefish In Hokkaido.